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If your childs bedroom is in need of furniture that will provide comfort and style then come by Herval Furniture and let us show you our selection of kids modern bedroom sets. We have a huge desire to meet the needs of everyone in Miami who is looking to outfit their homes with modern and contemporary styled furniture. We dont sacrifice style for comfort and all of our furniture offers functionality as well as beauty. The Anita Twin bed with drawers gives storage for smaller rooms. With these drawers you wont have to worry about anything getting lost under the bed forever. However you will have a great place to stash toys or clothing with accessibility. For the ultimate in modern design the twin sized Murphy bed will give you comfort and style. This twin bed offers storage space above the bed and provides for a comfy little cubby hole for your little one. Whatever your modern design needs are here at Herval Furniture we are ready to help. Come by our Miami showroom between Sunday and Friday. We will guide you through the store and show you all the latest modern and contemporary styles on the market. It is our goal to provide all of Miami with all of the furniture and fixtures they need to create a modern styled home.
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